Dickson Hardware Pte Ltd is one of the manufacturers and suppliers in Singapore that offers the best services and business consultation that caters to our customers’ needs. Our company deals with products such like butterfly valves, universal joints, marine valves, pipe fittings & marine hardware (i.e. shackle; rope & chain).

Our company has over 20 years of history, experience and technical understanding of the marine line market. We provide stocks upon immediate request, deliver timely and offer excellent customer service & support. Our aim is to pursue high quality products & service in order to satisfy customers' demands. On the account to the good quality and services that we persist to provide, we have earned high reputation and satisfaction among our customers.

In the recent years, we have also established our new brand of products named "BULL" which caters to fit closer to our clients needs.Within this brand, we offer a range of products from valves, joints, gauge and other hardware products for ships.

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